Funny thing called Love

13 Apr

This is just what happens when you are engrossed in thinking about your writing amongst other things, while in shower.

So, it was early morning of the day today, hubby left for work and just after cleaning up the breakfast table and the kitchen, I went in for a shower. Well, it’s too cold in my country at the moment, so I always have bath with hot, boiling water. Ahh it is so relaxing!

Anyway, so I am in to the shower and am thinking, seriously thinking, about the my writing assignments and what could be interesting a topic to bleed words about. Moreover, I am thinking about humans, what happens when we die etc. Yeah, I have a thing about mystery too, and this always looks like an interesting subject to look out in a book. Well, so am in the shower and I have hot water pouring through the top. AND I have somehow forgotten to close the bathroom door. It is just me and him who live on the property anyway. Okay, so in a few minutes, the smoke detector goes shrieking, spitting the loud beeps out as if in a frenzy. And I am shaken awake from my mental stupor toward the material, real world. I quickly abandon the writer’s world and come back. And while I sort out what exactly has happened, my phone rings and it is my beau. Hearing the smoke detector, he is all confused about what’s happening. And I give him the story to digest, in small gulps.

What next? Well, of course I get fired :D I am asked to “be in the present and to stop being in the head” by a somewhat peeved lover. Argh, that’s funny about a thing called Love, ain’t it? You love some one so much that their being careless toward themselves is almost a crime to you! Ha,yeah yeah.
But I love Love. :)


photo by luigi diamanti

Does that happen to you? Do you get so lost in the mental woods that you figure yourself as an Alice in the Writer’s Wonderland? Oh but by the way, although I have come back in the reality for now, I am not sure when my mind’s little writer-possessed corner entices me back! Wait hey no what…?, oh here it is, almost. Talk soon!

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