11 Ways to Blog the Good Way

27 Apr

Specs Blogging has become a way of ranting, sharing, reminiscing, selling, socializing, marketing, expressing, giving, along with anything else. A writer by profession, or not so, blogs in this era and gains some form of joy from it. You may have a reason to blog; and even if you have none, writing in a corner of your own will come to invent a reason on its own once you do it. Whatever that be, you’d sure want your blog-place to be of value, even emotional value. For this, I have laid out these juicy tidbits here for you that will make you blog the right way. These are by no means the be all and end all of blogging, since the list can go on and on. But it is sure worth a read.

11 Ways to Blog the Good Way

  1. Become focussed: This is the most said one by the better bloggers out there. Becoming focussed will not only help you to write something of value and usage, but also will rejuvenate your mind when you look at your creation once you’ve finished. Seriously, nothing is more pleasurable than looking at something you wrote and getting the stings of joy. Pay respect to your blog when you are engaged with it and be involved in it like you’d do with a human.
  2. Write for the reader: When you write for the reader, you have a hit. People would come to you only if they sense that your writings have some inherent value. Say if you’re in to crafts, you can put up your creations on your blog, and share how you did it with your readers. How-to’s are always great to read. Keep the reader in mind and then blog. This is what I’ve learnt myself.
  3. Use Akismet: Akismet is a plugin that comes served with your dashboard in WordPress. Activating this little hero will save you from sifting through comments and separating the spam from the genuine ones.
  4. Serve others with fresh comments: When you read someone’s blog and like something about it, make a point to leave a comment. Leaving your trail marks this way is like making the web realize you were there. As you know, links are beneficial for your own blog too; others reading your comments have an inclination to see who has actually put up the little nugget of comment. That said, don’t spam the blogger’s comment area. Most probably you will be blocked. Or, you won’t throw a great impression on the readers and will be, at best, ignored. Ignorance is not what you want your blog to suffer from, so be courteous and intelligent while commenting. Along with this, try to keep a track of the blogs that have gone huge, and try to place a comment in the top 5-10 placeholders in their comment’s area. You get to have more visibility that way.
  5. Make commenting possible on your blog: Turn on the comments so that others can post in the area. Along with this, make sure you have a way for the readers to subscribe to new comments on your blog. This creates stickiness which allows traffic coming back to you.
  6. Link the right way: Look out for any links that are no more functional, or no more relevant to your blog. Remove links that throw the notorious 404 error. Your readers and the bots on the search engines will be more than happy for this act.
  7. Read, and then read some more: Reading is a good habit, so were we told in Jr. school. But it applies to blogging also. When you are planning to write a new post but lack an idea, just read others’ pieces. That doesn’t mean plagiarise, no. It means to get inspired and build up something else altogether on reading someone’s post. This happens to me a lot. Try it before your mind starts to hear the clunks of uncertainty and panic!
  8. Socialize virtually: Man is a social animal. Socializing online with other bloggers not only gives you exposure, but also makes you learn more about different niches out there and about other writers’ lives. Just as in the physical world you meet someone and exchange information about you, in the virtual world you give out your website or blog address which lets people know more about you.
  9. Give something away for free: Yep, an e-book is one great example. I know creating a product such as this needs time and commitment, but hey, didn’t we discuss before to keep the reader in mind? Write an e-book or make a video, give it away for free and make someone’s day :)
  10. Include details: Do not assume that your readers know all the basics about your niche. Now it may be tempting to assume so, with so many resources out there on so many niches, but what separates you from them in that case? Are you joining the rat race and hopping on the bandwagon too? Taking small introductory things for granted is a grave mistake and will make the innocent reader to move to another place that understands their needs well.
  11. Never say never!: Don’t get disheartened with your blog’s success. Know that you have a lot to do and to put in before expecting rainbow-colored results from your web’s corner. An upward moving traffic graph is what every writer wants, no doubt, but getting there takes time and effort investment. Don’t give up yet! I’d always say, love your blog like a baby and understand it takes tending. Be committed to it. Make a relationship with it. Bond with it.
  12. Bonus point – Make your blog sound and read like English (or the relevant language): I get turned off on reading blogs that have “compressed” words to save on typing/time/effort or whatever. “Words” (which are not even so in English dictionary) like “u”, “plz”, “wud” etc make me cringe. No offense to anyone, but if you are targeting mature and educated public, please show them that you care by writing real words and decently correct grammar in your blog. I am not pro posting in an academic writing way always, but grammar and wordings do hold a dear place for me like many readers out there. I’d probably stop reading much further if there’s a lot of compression and bad grammar in even an otherwise content-rich post. I feel bad about leaving, yes, but I am left with no options. :(

Which one do you think is a way to blog the good way that’s missing here? Do you have a special tried and tested method to share?

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12 Responses to “11 Ways to Blog the Good Way”

  1. bkwriter4life April 27, 2010 at 3:39 pm #

    Holy cow – this posting was amazing! I got most of this from my How to Make Money from Blogging panel a week ago but this was clear, concise, and succinct. Thanks for the advice and for passing through!


    P.S. Glad to know I’m not the only person who loves libraries. :)

  2. Dr. Tom Bibey April 27, 2010 at 8:23 pm #

    Excellent. About all I can add is to write in one’s own voice and not try to be anyone else. I love Mark Twain, but there was only one of him. All I can do is be the best Dr. B I can be.

    Dr. B

    • Brown Eyed Mystic April 27, 2010 at 8:54 pm #

      Ah well, yes. That’s a biggie you threw this way now. The voice.
      Thanks for the golden nugget Dr. Tom! And am glad you liked it.

  3. rjlacko April 28, 2010 at 3:05 am #

    This is awesome! Nicely said. May I use it as a guest-post on my blog?–with a link back to you, of course :) (rjlacko.wordpress.com)

    • Brown Eyed Mystic April 28, 2010 at 8:41 am #

      Hey rjlacko,

      Sure, go ahead ;) Pass on the ambrosia of blogging!



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